The best wedding gift ideas by Alexander & Marcus.

  • We bring you 10 wedding gifts as inspiration. We can personalize all these products, we recommend the initials of newlyweds.
  • We are happy to help you choose gifts for other occasions.
  • To be original, we recommend this selection:

1. Soft white pillow combination in satin. The bride will feel princess. Monument to the most beautiful day. ✓

2. The gentle, diverse zone smells the room. An unforgettable experience, after burning candles, furniture can be used as a flower pot, for storing jewelry or cosmetic brushes. ✓

3. Pleasant fragrance, perfume of natural materials. With this gift you do not spoil anything, treat your loved ones a little French. ✓

4. Tea set that should be in every home. Beautiful combination with gold color. ✓

5. Elegant tea cup with saucer, fits into every home. Also recommended as a full set. ✓

6. Handmade straight from London, Chinese bone. You can also add color variations. ✓

7. For salad we recommend a set of salat dishes. Buy a book in the bookstore a cookbook to prepare quick meals and salads the bride will be delighted.✓

8. Unique and original piece, modern art. This is not just a simple mirror. ✓

9. Handmade cushion with decorative brooch can be done in other sizes or change the color of the brooch. ✓

10. Custom made table with artistic design in gold.✓

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