About us

Our story

It all started in 2017 when our team of professional and creative people began to select quality and original brands for cooperation. We wanted to create an e-shop concept that is closer to the customer. We present quality and unique pieces. One year later we started to present the French brand Papillon Rouge Paris on the Slovak market in places like Zion Spa - Sheraton hotel, XOXO day spa, QUIR salon or Devin Hotel in Bratislava. Our customers love our products.

We are currently working on our own carpet collection, directly from Marrakesh. Each piece will be created by us as well as the design to be designed.

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Are you looking for something else? Please contact us.

In our portfolio you will find various brands tested by us. We work with more than 70 different brands that we do not currently offer on our e-shop.

Every year we try to help organizations that really need it, and we organize auctions where you can take your dream piece and help you do it for a good cause. Our sales team will be happy to meet you in cities like Milan, Nice / Monaco, Paris, Bratislava / Prague / Budapest, Munich, Vienna, Marrakech / Casablanca. We will be happy to come to other places too, just write to us.

Our vision

We offer our customers not only goods but also quality services. In addition to the e-shop, we created a design event for you called Design Talk by Alexander & Marcus. The first edition took place in Monaco.

Our goal is to help where it is needed, so we try to help with every purchase in the areas: people in need and socially disadvantaged, orphanages, as well as pensioners in need.

# Let's help together.

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Service - interior design

For our customers, we offer an additional service interior designer, where we will be happy to advise you on how to arrange an apartment, hotel, restaurant, house, restaurant, yacht or just your favorite room according to trends and your requirements.

We constantly keep up with the trends and try to meet even the most demanding requirements of our clients.

We cooperate with very handy and professional interior designers who have rich experience in different styles. Arrange a consultation.

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Lifestyle - meetings

In today's hurried world, every minute is expensive. Therefore, we have prepared for our customer's meetings during their favorite activities such as golf, yachting, swimming or wine tasting.

We have prepared an unforgettable experience from our exclusive partners during our Design Talk by Alexander & Marcus event.

At Design Talk by Alexander & Marcus, our customers and business partners will learn about the latest trends in design, color, fashion, gastronomy or sports, fast cars, and beautiful boats. It is a lifestyle event that benefits all participants. It takes place once a year in Europe.

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