Delivery policy


Pursuant to the Contract, the Seller undertakes to deliver and hand over the Purchased Goods to the Buyer and allow it to acquire ownership of the Goods and the Buyer undertakes to take over the Goods and pay the agreed price to the Seller. The Seller is obliged to deliver to the Buyer the Goods in quantity, type, quality, packaging and in accordance with the Order and as stipulated in the Contract and these GTC.

The Seller shall fulfill its obligation to deliver the Goods to the Buyer so that the Seller allows the Buyer to dispose of the Goods at the agreed place of delivery.

Delivery of the Goods is possible within the whole territory of the European Union and the Principality of Monaco.

Delivery of the Goods shall be effected in the manner and at the shipping address specified by the Buyer in the Order. The Buyer is obliged to state the existing address in the Order and provide the data for the purpose of delivery of the Goods in the following range: name and surname, resp. the full name of the Buyer - Entrepreneur, domicile or registered office (place of business) by indicating the name of the municipality, street, descriptive and/or orientation number, postcode, state, and telephone number. The Buyer acknowledges that for proper and timely delivery of the Goods, it is recommended that the delivery address of the Goods be indicated where the building is visibly marked with a table with an identification number.

The method of delivery is offered by the Seller and selected by the Buyer prior to the conclusion of the Contract. Delivery of the Goods shall be carried out by a shipping company

IN TIME, s.r.o. or UPC delivery

Head Office: Senecká cesta 1,
Ivanka pri Dunaji 900 28 Slovakia

provided by the Seller.

The time of delivery of the Goods is individual and is stated for individual goods items in the Seller's online store. The delivery time is for the Goods, which is in stock of the Seller in Bratislava or in Porto., the Slovak Republic 10 (ten) Business Days from the confirmation of the Order. In the case of Goods located in the Seller's warehouse outside the Seller's registered office, i. outside the territory of the Slovak Republic, the delivery time is 14 (fourteen) Business Days from the order confirmation. In exceptional cases, (i) when certain types of goods are out of stock, or (ii) if the made-to-measure goods are made, the delivery time may be longer. The delivery time of the Goods is 8 - 12 weeks in the case of the Customized Goods (furniture), depending on the demands and requirements of the Buyer. The delivery time of the Goods is in the case of delivery of the Goods made to measure (production of decorative pillows) from 2 to 4 weeks. The Buyer will be informed of the exact time of delivery of the Goods and/or Customized Goods in the Seller's confirmation of the Order. The Buyer acknowledges that in the event of payment of the Price for the Goods by transfer to the Seller's bank account pursuant to clause 7.6. b) The GTC for the time of Goods delivery counts from the date of receipt of payment of the Price for Goods by the Seller. If circumstances so require, the Seller and the Buyer may agree to extend the delivery time or to substitute performance in the same quality and price.

The Buyer will be informed electronically, by e-mail, of the Seller's shipment and tracking options.

If the Buyer fails to accept the Goods as part of its delivery by the shipping company, the Buyer shall receive a repeated notification of the delivery of the Goods by the Seller. The Buyer acknowledges that in case of repeated non-acceptance of the Goods, the shipping company of the Goods is entitled to redirect the shipment (Goods) to the nearest Parcel Shop from the place of delivery if the nature of the Goods permits. Redirection of the shipment (Goods) to ParcelShop is applicable in case of delivery of the Goods to the Buyer within the territory of the Slovak and Czech Republic.

After delivery of the Goods by the Buyer and handover of the Goods, the Buyer shall be electronically delivered by e-mail by acknowledgment.

The Seller shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Goods and for any damage resulting from

(i) the Buyer failing to properly inspect the Order,

(ii) failing to provide all required information and/or

(iii) filling in the Order Form incorrectly; as a result of a reasoned impossibility to deliver the Goods to the shipping company, in particular, if the delivery address specified in the Order is located in places with unprepared road surface or in places where smooth access by motor vehicle for the delivery of the Goods is not possible.

The risk of damage, accidental destruction and accidental deterioration of the quality of the Goods sold shall pass to the Buyer, upon receipt of the Goods, regardless of whether the Buyer accepts the goods in person or through a person authorized by him/her. If the Buyer was to accept the goods from the carrier, the risk of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration of the purchased goods shall pass to the Buyer upon receipt of the Goods at the place of delivery designated by the Buyer.

The Buyer shall be liable for any damage that may be caused to third parties in connection with the use of the Goods.

International shipping:

In the international transport of consignments, if the consignment is not possible at first

an attempt to deliver to the Recipient shall, as far as possible, be left at the address indicated

the shipment notification and retry attempt the next business day. if

will not be delivered after 10 days, the Shipment will be without undue delay

returned to the Sender, who is also obliged to pay the rate for its return transportation.

In case of sending parcels to the Czech Republic, the parcel may be the first

unsuccessful delivery attempt redirected to the nearest Subscription Point

(Parcel Shop). The recipient will be informed by SMS notification in which nearest

The Parcel Shop is where the package is located.

4.5 The Customer acknowledges that IN TIME has a right of retention to the selected

COD amounts to secure their claims on unpaid invoices due.

4.6 IN TIME shall hand over the Shipment to the Recipient through its Partners

IN TIME abroad whose packaging does not show any signs of damage until after

signing of the receipt of the Shipment, in the case of cash on delivery after signing the proof of receipt

delivery and payment of cash on delivery amount. Only then the Recipient can open the Shipment and

the Recipient is not entitled to require presence and assistance

IN TIME Partner.

4.7 If the Recipient unreasonably refuses to accept the Shipment, the Shipment shall be without unnecessary

of the deferral returned to the Sender, respectively. Customer who is obliged to pay the rate

also for its return transport.