Wholesale / Distribution

Welcome to the wholesale section.

We have prepared a wholesale and distribution section for our regular and new business partners.

We select all products based on our high requirements, we test each product and, of course, we take photos and write original labels from our experience.

If you are interested in selling our wonderful products in your showroom or e-shop, contact our wholesale manager:

Please contact our colleague Mrs. Martina Navrkal directly - or

In the e-mail we ask you to state:

1. What products interested you and in what quantities?

2. Where is your company based and what does it do?

3. Your website.

4. Contact person, job position, and telephone number.

5. How often do you plan to pick up the goods?

6. Will you also need product promotional material?

Each product is unique and original. Your customers can choose from a permanent offer but also choose their own combination. Stand out from the competition.

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Above-standard support of your business partners - we are ready to consult with you on the first orders, recommend the best-selling goods, provide product photos and information, or train you directly. We are happy to come up with joint promotion and sales support.

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Stock availability - we try to have everything in stock and if it fails, we will let you know and offer a choice of a similar product.

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Low minimum order value and we do not force you to take goods only in cartons.

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Procedure for successful cooperation:

1 Send us an email with the required information.

2. After verification, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.

3. Our products are handmade, so it is possible to agree on your own line of goods design.

(Ordering goods tailored to you according to your requirements takes 2 - 6 weeks)

4. We will advise you which products are best sold in which country.

5. The order is then written.

4. We will issue you an invoice, you can pay through a bank account or by depositing into the account.

5. After receiving your payment, you will receive a confirmation in your e-mail and we will start packing your order. (in the case of custom-made goods, we will start producing it, according to your request).

6. We send orders by courier.

7. After the delivery of the goods with you, we remain in contact regarding it.

Post-warranty service is a matter of course with us. Within one year from the order, you have a warranty on the purchased goods. The assigned sales representative is at your disposal and will be happy to advise you.

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