Create a happy and harmonious home according to feng shui. Part I.

Basic principles of feng shui for beginners.

Sit in the middle of the room and see with your eyes what is a disturbing element, an unnecessary thing or what is broken / dirty.

We recommend removing these things from the room, preferably outside the house / apartment.

You don't have to spend thousands on new furnishings, often you just need to move the table or cupboards better so that positive energy can flow through the room. Positive energy is responsible for the fact that you feel comfortable and relaxed at home.

The bathroom

No matter where the bathroom is located, you need to follow a few rules to feel good about the place. One of the main ones is cleanliness. Not just to look at. It is also necessary to keep the cabinets or the fan clean. The important thing is natural light for the space, if this is not possible, at least shine with light bulbs that imitate it. Keep the air clean and fresh with essential oils, whether dripped in a bowl of water or with a diffuser.

The bedroom

A zone of peace and relaxation. The bedroom should prepare you for a good night's sleep. So don't be distracted by unnecessary things. If you have electronics in your room, take it away. Televisions, computers and desks do not have anything to do in the bedroom.

The dominant feature of the room is undoubtedly the bed. You can harmonize your sleeping place in three simple steps:

1.Place the bed in the middle of the room so that it is freely accessible from both sides,

2.Do not place the bed directly opposite the door, but you should have a view of the door to know who is coming,

3.Look the energy space, do not push things under the bed unnecessarily, or hang heavy chandeliers above it.

The right choice of material will also help balance. Bet on nature and choose a wooden bed and bedside tables.


The construction of a harmonic nest begins right outside the door. According to Feng Shui, the space in front of the entrance is the most important - it creates the first impression. It should mainly be clean and tidy. A swept sidewalk, a flowing doormat and a flowerpot will also do their thing.

Also bet on originality. Complete the door with your own decoration or nameplate. Don't forget about colors, in Feng Shui, harmony of colors is key.

The living room

The living room is where it lives. And that's what it should look like - friendly and cozy. Forget the dark corners. Place a lamp in every corner of the room. Mirrors or flowers will also help you brighten up the room.

If you want to feel relaxed and comfortable in the living room, do not overwhelm it with furniture. Just a few practical pieces that you will really use. In addition, Feng Shui orders the furniture to be arranged evenly. Ideal to form a circle or octagon.

Other tips on how to harmoniously furnish a living room:

Always place the sofa facing the door,
decorate the walls with paintings with peaceful motifs and hang the frames at eye level,
avoid sharp edges and, in the case of decorations and furniture, choose pieces with rounded shapes.

The Kitchen

The Chinese tradition attaches the greatest importance to the kitchen, from where energy flows into the entire apartment. The center of the kitchen is a table. If you have it by the wall, fix it. It should stand in the middle of the room so that people can move freely around it.

Fill the room with light and fragrance. According to Feng Shui, it is the pleasant aroma that completes the real atmosphere and harmony of home. Put a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit on the table.

And most importantly - keep the kitchen clean. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink and clean regularly. You can use our tricks from the pros.

Feng Shui emphasizes round shapes. A round or oval table is ideal, or a classic one with rounded corners. But always put it further away from the walls.

Positive details

We recommend buying scented candles and diffusers that will make the whole atmosphere in the room more pleasant.

Replace artificial and dried flowers with live flowers.

Put 3 pictures of your family in the living room.

Clean the whole space, ventilate properly and get out of unnecessary things.

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