Quebec1962 Diffuser - Cedar

Luxury decorative diffuser is one of the ways to make the atmosphere in the living space more pleasant. The transparent glass vial is filled with a mixture of high-quality fragrant liquid enriched with natural perfume, without chemical substances, which attracts not only the admirers of luxury fragrances, but also everyone else.

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Eight high-quality wooden sticks allow the gradual release of essential oils into the atmosphere. Its long-lasting luxury fragrance is made from the finest natural perfumes that will give you a pleasant relaxing atmosphere at home, work, or where you like to stay.

The vial is made of massive authentic glass bottle, very elegant serigraphy of the hop cone transparent glass.

The luxury diffuser is popular with customers who live in bigger places, or want to make the atmosphere in the corridors and common rooms more comfortable. Our customers liked this product for its characteristic fragrance and high quality. You can enjoy this highly luxurious and elegant product, or please your surroundings. You can add an original gift package to this home accessory, which you can find in our offer on our online store.

We wish you an unforgettable atmosphere when using the product.


Handmade glass with fragrance and wood black sticks.


Home fragrance - 200 ml

Flacon - 100 ml

Fragrance Time

Approximately 3 month

Handling safety

Do not place the diffuser in the bedroom, the product is not suitable for people suffering from migraines, protect it from children, the liquid is not suitable for internal use.

Protect the diffuser from sunlight.


Do not push the cork inside the glass as this could damage the packaging. Do not light wooden sticks, which may cause a fire.


Cedar - main ingredients: hops, spruce, galbanum, cedar, lichen, fir balsam. We recommend this scent for women and men.

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Country: France


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