Havana1955 Scented dark stones - Vanilla

Les Pierres Sombres is a simple product, to be placed in your favorite room. It consists of a metal box with a lid that contains small raw black stones from French quarries and a bottle of perfume concentrate. Just open the lid for the scent to fly. The goal is not to perfume an entire room, only to keep the box close to you to indulge yourself with the light scents it releases.

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We wanted to pay tribute to this area and its history by creating a small carbon box. It contains several dark stones which, when the lid is opened, add comfort to the scent that will release it. It is a unique product.

After opening the silver box, press a drop of 4-5 drops on the dark stones and let it smell around the room. The stones will not ignite.

It is the first office scent, which we can use to concentrate on our work, and which we close naturally when we no longer need it.

You can add an original gift package to this home accessory, which you can find in our offer on our online store.

We wish you an unforgettable atmosphere when using the product.


Scented dark stones - lava stones

Iron silver box


Net weight of wax: 170 g
Candle net weight: 300 g

Fragrance Time

Approximately 2 month

Handling safety

The product should be kept out of the reach of children and animals. Stones must not be eaten. If the oil gets in your eye, contact your doctor. Protect the product from sunlight.


Always close the product after using the fragrance. Drip on black lava stones in 4-5 drops. After using the whole essential oil, it is possible to buy new oil.


SPICY VANILLA HOPS - main ingredients: hops, elena, ginger, anise, teakwood, cloves, vanilla, amber, tonka bean

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Country: France


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